The Noticeboard displays information about known outages affecting Granite School District.  School employees should report outages to their School Technology Specialist (STS) or Library Media Educational Technology Specialists (LMETS).  Parents, departments without an STS / LMETS, and anyone after-hours can report an outage by sending an e-mail to or by calling the Information Systems Help Desk at (385) 646-4524.

Current Outages

Weekend Wireless Outage

To resolve many ongoing issues with our wireless system, we will upgrade all wireless access points throughout the district, starting Friday at 9:00 PM and continuing through the weekend.  This will be a rolling outage, moving from one access point to the next.  Each access point will be down for a short time as it resets to receive the changes, but we are unable to say exactly when a specific access point will be down.  All work should be complete by late Sunday evening.
Created: 20 September 2019
Modified: 20 September 2019